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iPods: Which One? December 27, 2006

Posted by Free Willy in Electronics/Devices/Toys, Music.
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Personally, I am the biggest music lover ever! And there’s nothing better than being able to bring that music with you… ANYWHERE! That’s where MP3 players come in! Breaking it down, Apple’s iPod is obviously the most popular and the best. But if you were to buy one, what should you get. This is a guide on telling you what to get!

First, take a look at your iTunes library. If you have for example 1,000 songs, (like me) take a look at them and see if you have a lot of songs you like, maybe four and five star songs… if you have 400 five and four star songs you should then think about how much each iPod holds. If you have 400 songs, but no vedios, go with the 2 GB Nano. If you have vedios, the only iPod that carries them is the vedio iPod, but that’s much more expensive than a 2 GB Nano, ($150.) But if your dying to bring your vedios, (maybe even movies) shoot for the Vedio iPod.

I have no idea why I wrote this article! But you know this is the blog that has everything about nothing!


Merry Christmas! December 26, 2006

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Merry Christmas everyone! This was a wonderful Christmas! I hope you had a simply wonderful Christmas!!!!

Replies to Comments December 24, 2006

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Now, I might reply to your comments if they have something to reply to! So I hope you like that update! 😛

A Hartwarming Story December 24, 2006

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I was just watching the news and there was a fire in a building. (Nothing unusal.) But when the firefighters went up to save the people they brought them back, but took as many Christmas presents out! Even though that’s not that hartwaming, it still interested me!

Why did They Change!?!? December 24, 2006

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If you are a Cubs fan… you would know when the team took the field they would play “Jump” by Van Halen. I loved this and bought the song, and eventully, memorized the lyrics. But, this year [2006] they played “Have A Nice Day” by Bon Jovi. Even though I like “Have A Nice Day” I’m upset by this change. It was a tradtion for what, 20 years? It just makes me very sad. 😦

Lyrics to “Bear Down” December 24, 2006

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I don’t know why I’m posting this but these are the lyrics to the Chicago Bears fight song [Bear Down].

Bear Down! Chicago Bears! Make every play clear the way to victory! Bear Down! Chicago Bears! Put up a fight with a might so fearlessly! We’ll never forget the way you thrilled the nation, with your T-Formation! Bear Down! Chicago Bears! And let them know why your wearing the crown! Your the pride and joy of Illinios, Chicago Bears, BEAR DOWN!!!

This is A Recipie That DOES Matter to Me! December 24, 2006

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Christmas Recipes – Christmas Float
1 can coke or Dr Pepper
3 scoops of ice cream – chocalote or vanilla
4 cherries
2 red and green gum drops
red and green M&M’s
whipped cream topping

Put ice cream in cup. pour soda on it. then add the whipped cream, cherries and candy.

This time, I do want to make this and it does matter to me! I love any kind of floats!! And I LOVE Dr. Pepper!

From: Christmas Recipes

Attention All Veiwers!! December 24, 2006

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If you want to make a WordPress blog yourself go to WordPress!

If you need any help on making your blog a cooler one go to the link on the sidebar that reads, “Need Any Info on Blogging? Click here!”

Steamy Showers Make me Sleepy December 24, 2006

Posted by Free Willy in Hygiene.
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Today, I took a hot shower. During my shower, the whole stall filled with steam. I breathed this in and started to close my eyes from relaxation. I sat down [oddly in the shower] and started to breath more of this steam in. Eventually, I noticed I was going to fall asleep. I jumped up and tuned the knob down and jumped out. Still sleepy, I walked down stairs and wrote this post.

I think I’m just going to lay down and close my eyes and……….

Tounge Acne December 24, 2006

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Of course, you guys know about taste buds. There the little dots on your tounge that makes you say “YUM!” or “EWW!” On my tounge there is bigger, fatter, pink taste buds. Lets call it tounge acne. I bet you have tounge acne too. I really have no idea what these things are, but I was obviously interested because I spent maybe two minutes staring at them in my bathroom mirror.