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Stupid Smoke Detector! January 2, 2007

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MY EARS!!!! This thing is going crazy! The smoke detectors [or at least this one] is so loud!!!! 😡 OH MY GOSH THIS THING IS KILLING!!! 😀 It’s done. Maybe it was because are new stainless steel stove…


Internet Explorer 7 January 2, 2007

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Today I just downloaded Internet Explorer version 7. There’s some ups and some downs, some pros, some cons. One of the good things is that you can have tabs that are different websites on the same page, so you dont have to open another page ever! A bad [but not to bad] thing is that there is no top bar, like “File,” “Format” and stuff like that!

RCSC December 29, 2006

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If your wondering what RCSC stands for, its Remote Control Shock Collar. Scine Mack is so crazy, this is used to calm him down. I’m writting this because everyone thinks using a shock collar is cruel. But, shock collars are all garenteed NOT to inflict pain into a dog, just give him a quick jolt. It is like one of those practical joke hand shakers that you touch. It doesn’t hurt, it just jolts!

iPods: Which One? December 27, 2006

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Personally, I am the biggest music lover ever! And there’s nothing better than being able to bring that music with you… ANYWHERE! That’s where MP3 players come in! Breaking it down, Apple’s iPod is obviously the most popular and the best. But if you were to buy one, what should you get. This is a guide on telling you what to get!

First, take a look at your iTunes library. If you have for example 1,000 songs, (like me) take a look at them and see if you have a lot of songs you like, maybe four and five star songs… if you have 400 five and four star songs you should then think about how much each iPod holds. If you have 400 songs, but no vedios, go with the 2 GB Nano. If you have vedios, the only iPod that carries them is the vedio iPod, but that’s much more expensive than a 2 GB Nano, ($150.) But if your dying to bring your vedios, (maybe even movies) shoot for the Vedio iPod.

I have no idea why I wrote this article! But you know this is the blog that has everything about nothing!