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My Book December 24, 2006

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I wrote a book, (well… WRITING) a book. It is about these kids and they get stuck overnight in a museum with a criminal on the loose! They travel to other times by walking through doors. (Example: The want to go to the Titanic… they walk in a door and are on the Titanic itself, actully at 1912.) They are trying to save a poisened freind [Jerry]. A gyspy tells them the antidote, but they have to get the ingredients.

This resembles much of the new movie Night in The Museum… but I got the idea from the billboard ad. So don’t blame me for that.


The Illustrated Diretory of Guitars December 24, 2006

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For my birthday I got a book. Not just a regular book. The Illustrated Diretory of Guitars! It has every guitar I can think of. There is Triple Necks to Telecasters to 16th Century Guitars, 18 String Guitars to Double Neck acoustics! IT’S AMAZING! Thank you Aunt and Uncle! I thought I would tell you about that.