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He’s Rockhopper December 24, 2006

Posted by Free Willy in Club Penguin.

If you know about Club Penguin… this was a post by “darkpanther” on is website.


I logged in on the hacking program from Jake and put on SafeModeHack.Then i put in this ID number 442 and i had Rockhopper’s Hat and i was Rockhopper on my playercard!Then i got banned even when i was on SafeModeHack,so dont try this at home.I got this item list from “Slash Skull”.My name on the picture is Farfito , its my second penguin,but i still got my other one,Watice.I dont blame him(Slash Skull),actually i thank him for the list.Hey Slask Skull cool list!



1. Free Willy - December 24, 2006

i can’t believe he did that!

2. ...?...? - December 24, 2006


3. Ice Survivor - December 27, 2006

why hack?

Relpy: I really don’t know it wasn’t me!

4. Womrocker - January 2, 2007

I got rockhoppers hat and didn’t get banned
everyone thinks its impossible, but if you look carefully EVERYWHERE,
you can find his beard and hat.
I cant tell you its a super secret i would be banned forever if i told any of you.
Good Luck with that!

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